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  1. HappyHead

    Waters & Liquids Pack 1.2

    View: Includes: Sea and waves textures Flowing water, useful for a canal or a sewer Water in a rainy weather with droplets and stuff Spinning whirlpool, can be tiled but it was made in mind to fit the whole brush face Slime liquids, comes in purple and green...
  2. Crashriot39

    koth_oil_works a1

    This here is a nuclear manufacturing facility disguised as an oil refinery.
  3. zythe_

    Multi Stage darkmesa_fs a14

    a multistage payload map set at night! (only the final stage currently exists)
  4. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Ignabyl a2a

    Chernobyl-styled map created for the 72hr Jam 2019. Gamemode: Player Destruction. Goal: Collect nuclear waste from the dead players and deposit them into the waste zones. Version: Alpha 2