Hypothermia A6

Cold Arena Map

  1. Contest Version

    - Added custom particles (edit of coldfront snow and custom snowfall)
    - Fixed some overlays being eaten by hidden overlapping brushes
    - Semi-detailed one portion of the map, stopped for now cause contest
    - Also shrunk a portion of the outside area to match up with detailed area
    - Added a window to see into the control point area for player navigation
    - Added a moo to the cow
  2. It lives

    Oh my child, I haven't left you in the cold. Actually I have your name is literally Hypothermia

    - Team coloring added to team sides, some overlays broke I'm aware.
    - Health kits still not added

    20190924012919_1.jpg 20190924012926_1.jpg 20190924012942_1.jpg
  3. Retheme

    • Map name is now Hypothermia
    • Rethemed to fit
    • Added a catwalk to add another entry/exit route from the lowground sidepath
    • Deer
    • There are still no health kits
    20190809091604_1.jpg 20190809091611_1.jpg 20190809091646_1.jpg 20190809091629_1.jpg 20190809091640_1.jpg 20190809091622_1.jpg
  4. Reshift

    • Map is no longer quad-symmetrical, now mirror symmetrical
    • Bottom sidepath redesigned, made lowground
    • Control point now only has three entrances, third being from lowground sidepath
  5. Polish

    • Indicated where players can capture the control point
    • Made capture zone slightly larger
    • Control point now activates after 45 seconds rather than 60, to account for the more faster paced rounds this map experiences
    • Fog now begins much farther away, as it was appearing indoors and making the area look like a dust storm
    • Indoor lighting adjusted to brighten up corners of rooms better
    • Spawns have hopefully been fixed so players no longer spawn inside of each other...