Multi Stage Hybro B07

Hydro, but A/D CP

  1. Blade x64
    Hydro has great visuals and layout going for it. However, it's held back by a mode that requires skilled team coordination, making it overwhelming for the casual player.

    This effort tries to simplify things by maintaining the same core gameplay, but dedicating teams to either defense or offense. It also removes the chance of stalemates everyone seems to love so much.

    For now, testing is needed to fine tune certain areas to ensure a smooth and fair experience for both teams. If you've got feedback or gameplay demos, feel free to share them.

    20170302221646_1.jpg 20170302224816_1.jpg 20170302224916_1.jpg 20170302224940_1.jpg 20170302225047_1.jpg 20170302225335_1.jpg 20170302225400_1.jpg 20170302225420_1.jpg 20170302225506_1.jpg hydro.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kreg
    Version: B05
    Refreshing to actually play hydro on a decent game mode.