Multi Stage Hybro B07

Hydro, but A/D CP

  1. No more invisible wall

    Blade x64
    -Fixed teleport exploit.
    -Removed rouge clip brush.
    -Banned water cooler converstations in the Dam offices.
    -Clipped a few odd perches.
  2. Fixes and improvements

    Blade x64
    -Fixed clips over cave.
    -Brightened cave.
    -Clipped sewer caps.
    -Signaged everything.
    -Created stronger suggestion to cap point direction.
    -Raised ceiling clip.
    -Changed a few rocks in the second stage choke.
    -Set cams to disable if they are not in play. 20170308224952_1.jpg 20170308225027_1.jpg
  3. Baby steps to a better stage 2

    Blade x64
    -Set round logic to hide caps after their round.
    -Bumped up cave illumination.
    -Added platform overlooking sewer to buff offensive staging for 2-2.
    -Elevated CP 2-1.
    -Reoriented forward Red spawns in third stage.

    20170305231337_1.jpg 20170305231353_1.jpg 20170305231447_1.jpg