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Hothead a3

Lava-filled vsh map with a somewhat industrial theme

EDIT AT THE TIME OF POSTING THIS: The hale's spawn is far too close to the middle, given the fact it's the only option for reds to go to. An update will be made shortly to address this problem.

A revival of an old map concept of mine (in the form of koth_lavafactory),
I've repurposed the open nature of the sprawling koth map for the vsh gamemode!


Lava - Ignites for about 2 seconds if stepped in, damages very rapidly.

Boost pads - Located in the side buildings to the left and right of the spawns, they will boost you upwards to the second level. Water pits for avoiding fall damage are found at the sides.

Sniper balconies - One on each side, they are accessed through their respective one way doors. Any Sniper going up to them has to commit to it, and dropdowns cause fall damage. They are good vantage points, though.

Bonus: Skilled Soldiers can take advantage of the ramps in the middle!

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Muenster Monster
First release
Last update
Versus Saxton Hale (SourceMod)

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Latest updates

  1. Optimization

    - MAJOR optimization - More brush cleanup
  2. Fixes

    - Addressed the problems from the previous post (lengthened hale's spawn, added 2 side pathways from red spawn) - Cleaned up some brushwork. - Clipped roofs (players can no longer stand on them) - Moved water dropdowns closer to the boost pad...