Entrance a2

Small koth map inside a building at the center.

  1. Muenster Monster
    My first "real" King of the Hill map.

    A sort of simple map with no real defined theme yet.

    The edges start outside with the spawn points - heading for the point takes you through two connected buildings, back outside to a small courtyard, and then through the entryways into the main building, containing the point.

    - Dev textures

    Current Issues:
    - No signs
    - Lame map name

    20190215210807_1.jpg 20190215210835_1.jpg
    (sorry for the visible hud on these next few) 20190215210954_1.jpg 20190215211015_1.jpg


    1. 20190217161749_1.jpg
    2. 20190217161813_1.jpg

Recent Updates

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