Highwood b19 - repacked

My entry for the most bureaucratic contest I have ever seen, the Payload Checklist Contest

  1. a7

    Increased the size of the doorway out of cave.
    Moved point B a little.
    Added trigger_push on top of the sightline barrier
    Edited skybox brush layouts to prepare for OOB details.
  2. a6

    Changed Red first respawn layout
  3. a5

    Made the exit of red's forward spawn more intuitive.
    Fixed payload logic
    Fixed oneway door not staying open before point A is captured.
  4. a4

    Pink a4 changelog
    The oneway door is now open until the first point is capped.
    Added Medium Health pack under the bridge.
    Changed small health pack to medium health pack next to the bridge.
    Changed medium health pack in front of point B to small health pack.
    Fixed cosmetics origin point lightings.
    Fixed respawn time for red after point C is capped.
    Blocked sightline under the final point.
  5. a3

    Connected the lower area to the back of the final point.
    Increased blue respawn wave time by 2 seconds.
    Decreased red respawn wave time by 2 seconds.
    After capturing point C, the respawn wave time increases by 2 seconds for red.
    After capturing point C, the respawn wave time decreases by 2 seconds for blue.
    Added pickups around the first curve, moved pickup that was around point A.
    Increased size of doorway at final Added arrow to the start of the red spawn.
    Capping point A will now grant...
  6. a2

    Capturing point C will now give maximum of 3 minutes instead of 4 minutes.
    Added Rollback zone before the final point.
    Captuing point C will now instantly respawn all red team players.