Highwood b19 - repacked

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Please download this version if you downloaded the 103mb version previously.
Fixed Areaportal
Fixed one of the gates not opening on B capture
Added a shack in front of blue spawn
Added a highground for blue near B
Merged the double small health-ammo set near B into medium health-ammo set.
Removed C-building access from the cave
Added C-building access from the ramp near B
Fixed missing soundscape
Better optimization
Added a flank for attacking point C.
Improved optimization
Made a fence in red spawn solid
Added a piece of rail in the cave
Changed a cover between point A and B from rock to wooden fence.
Post-judge feedback version for RGL 6s testing.

Adjusted ambient light
Fixed env_sprites that were misplaced.
Fixed numerous clipping issues.
-Gave the chimney purpose
-Changed skybox brush arrangement to increase performance
-Added fade distance for a lot of props to increase performance