Highwood b18

My entry for the most bureaucratic contest I have ever seen, the Payload Checklist Contest

  1. b8

    Added door near point A. This should give both red and blue players more choice when defending or attacking point A.
    Added clippings.
  2. b7

    Brightened up a lot of dark corners
    Updated 3d skybox
  3. b6

    I dont remember the changes but mostly aesthetics.
  4. b5

    Quick Update
    Added clippings
    Capturing B now gives blue 3 minutes instead of 4 minutes
    Capturing C now gives blue 2 minutes instead of 3 minutes
    Fixed visible nodraw
  5. b4

    This version took long time to work on since I intended to finish most of the works.

    Detailed most places in the map
    Name changed from Nelder Grove to Highwood
  6. b3

    A lot of details
    Fixed clipping for building near point C.
    Added another route into the building after point B. This route is one-way that enables after capturing point B.
    Added custom soundscape. Credit to sean.townsend for Tawny Owl - Female and Tawny Owl - Male on freesound.org

    edit: haven't actually added the soundscapes since I forgot to do so. However, the sound files and the soundscape are packed. The name of the soundscape is Grove.Outside
  7. b2

    Name update because Sierra is already taken.
    Added clipping for many areas
    Lightened up area next to the ramp near final point
  8. b1

    Beta is here.
    Some artpass
    Fixed players getting stuck inside the cave near point B
  9. a17

    Fixed one-way door
    Players can not jump into the building using the crates
  10. a16

    a lot of changes that I dont remember.