Hightop alpha 4

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alpha 4 update:

.- Playerclipped the spot where you shouldnt get to
.- Bigger Point space to reduce pyros or blast classes damaging everyone inside
.- Lowered the balcony at the side
.- More height variations on sides
.- added small packs on both sides
.- Higher sniper spot and replaced some props so the snipers cant directly camp it.

Thats it for now :3
Updata alpha 3:

.- Replaced 2 medium ammopacks with small packs
.-Added some walls to reduce people from sticky jumping across the map
.- added lights so it doesnt feel so dark.
.-changed walkable areas with darker dev texture.
.- The magical truck that was floating somehow finally landed

Basically, thats it for update. Thanks for feedback!
Alpha 2 update:

.- Added more height variation in both buildings.
.-The lower building was remade for more room and upgraded the the medium pack into full pack.
.- added more height variation on the higher AND lower part so it wont be so open and empty.
.- fixed an issue where engies could build on point.
.- floating objects were put on the ground( gravity won this time)


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So, after some time I made my map that was previously very unpractical into somewhat playable and fair (IMO). Though it doesnt look not in a bit like old one, I hope that it will work out and it wont get so much negative feedback like before( its very helpful anyways). I tried to stay as much symmetrical as possible and not let snipers cover the entire area.

So, what I did new is as already told that I made map symmetrical in the middle( instead of diagonal).totally new look at the point, where rocket will fall into base whether team loses( still underwork), also made routes more clear so there wont be a lot of confusion when moving around. Two sides with different heights, one is lower while another is higher, and some cool geometry around them.


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Alfa 7 is a big update with huge changes with playstyle of the map and give more space for teams to fight around.

NOTE: snipers are still op, but im working on it

.-buildings around point are made bigger and given equal heights for fair fights.

.- the problematic building with corridors that was used alot by pyros and other flankers is now open and given other team advantage over those who try to flank.
.- made most of the entrances bigger
.- removed upper spawn door and bridge
.- made area that leads to point buildings are now more open and given cover against snipers
.- added more covers on the point.
.- right cliff side was barricaded to reduce sniper and give other classes (any slow target) to flank easier.
.- removed medkit next to spawn that was useful for the opposing team
.- added sniper balcony on the buildings next to point
.- increased point capture area

ALSO: pictures later, dont have much time
alfa 6.1 update:

.-Put small invisible wall behind parallel buildings to negate soldier rocket jumping to the enemy side or other way around.

.- Made Small improvements with cliffs height( Not gameplay update, just for higher ground)

.-Removed the room that was not used (basically useless space next to spawn)
Alfa 6 update:

.- Removed wall that would lead you to deadend
.-Removed flank under the small bridge and replaced with higher ground for the team side
.- Removed the op sniper spot that could see every angle
.- added signs that leads you to point
.- Mad skybox higher so sticky or rocket jumpers can go further.
.- Textured more areas.

NOTE: Updated pictures will come later
Alfa 5 update:

.- Made area around the point bigger and takes more time to reach point.
.-the right building on both sides are now open for all teams
.- Added more props and covers for both teams.
.- more done work with textures
.- ammos and health kits now have patches
.- more lights in some parts of buildings
Fixed doors to the balcony that otherwise didnt work
alfa 4 update:

.- added textures to the ground and walls of the hill
.- More props based on the nature of the map
.- added one way door in the building for teams that leads to balcony and other routes


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