Hightop alpha 4

Being on top of the world is a scary thing, eeh?

  1. Wizard the Almighty
    So, after some time I made my map that was previously very unpractical into somewhat playable and fair (IMO). Though it doesnt look not in a bit like old one, I hope that it will work out and it wont get so much negative feedback like before( its very helpful anyways). I tried to stay as much symmetrical as possible and not let snipers cover the entire area.

    So, what I did new is as already told that I made map symmetrical in the middle( instead of diagonal).totally new look at the point, where rocket will fall into base whether team loses( still underwork), also made routes more clear so there wont be a lot of confusion when moving around. Two sides with different heights, one is lower while another is higher, and some cool geometry around them.


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