Headland A12

alpine themed koth map

  1. Probably the last alpha (A12)

    This is going to be the end of the alpha, If there are a few things I don't like I will change them in the beta coming out in a week or 2.

    Widened the first and second courtyard and opened up some choke points.
    Slightly increased cap time.
    Removed all rocks in mid.
    Added different cover.
    Clipped a few spots.
    Moved the far left exit to the first courtyard forward.
    Changed health pack locations.
    Removed most cover on the left ramp.
    Changed the left ramp to only have one ramp...
  2. Finishing up the alpha and moving on to beta.

    I am finally going to finish up the alpha and if the gameplay works out well I will update it with a fully detailed version within the next week or two.

    I have removed the alpine stuff because I want to change the theme to something else.

    Reduced cap time to what I think will increase the intensity of the game.
    Reduced cover in mid.
    Moved the rock in mid to get rid of the cubby.
    Removed all alpine clutter outside the playable space.
    Did a bit of detail work on the right hut...
  3. A10

    I just finished a bunch of things I think will help gameplay a lot and I used a few ideas from the feedback you guys gave to me.

    Changed left health pack location to make it more visible.
    Added an overlay under all health packs to make it easier to know where they are.
    Added barbed wire to the upper right area to stop people standing on it while allowing players to jump over it.
    Widened and opened the 2nd courtyard.
    Added a window to the left building to look onto the point....
  4. A9

    I'm very sorry for the complete trainwreck that was a8 and a8b.
    I have rolled back all changes in that version, reverted back to a7 and started working on it again.

    Rolled back all changes from a8 and a8b.
    ACTUALLY added cubemaps.
    Changed lighting to what koth_viaduct has, with reduced fog.
    Added more cover in specific places.
    Changed the width of the highground over the point.
    Added several lighting related commands in the compile script.
    Reduced height on the right area above...
  5. quick fix for cubemaps

    quick fix
  6. Headland A8

    Changed health locations all across the map.
    Added more cover to right sniper angle.
    Redid middle cover.
    Added roof trim on the middle exit to mid.
    Improved lighting in a lot of spots.
    Shifted connector slightly more forward.
    More optimization.
    Added a rock on the right cliff area.
    Slightly tweaked the ramp area next to the lower entrance to middle.
    Nerfed sniper angles in mid by shifting the fence on the highground spot.
    Changed some doorway sizes.

    I had some technical errors...
  7. A7

    This is the biggest update yet, and i cannot give a full change log.
    So I will just say the biggest points.

    I have completely redone the area in front of spawn to discourage spawn camping and decrease the crazy sniper sight lines.
    Along with that I have redone mid and lowered the right high ground and removed most of the barrier between that and the other area.
    I fixed a bunch of clipping and displacement bugs and removed the tree house in mid.
    The lighting is no longer shrek green and is...
  8. A6b - hotfix

    Repacked for faster download, I used the wrong one when uploading a6.
  9. Tuning & balancing gameplay. (A6)

    Thanks for the feedback, here is the changelog.

    Made the map themed at day rather than night.
    Removed window at the left hut.
    Widened the out of spawn courtyard.
    Fixed a bug where the spawn doors were clipping through walls.
    Heavilly nerfed a sniper angle, look at screenshots for reference.
    Removed the health packs inside the right passthrough hut.
    Added new signs to encourage using the flank route.

    a6-1.jpg a6-2.jpg ...
  10. A5

    Added actual fitting skybox for better optimization and file size.
    Minor optimization.
    Moved back the right sniper hallway.
    Widened a few areas.
    Changed signs slightly.
    Reduced cover on the sniper/battlements area.

    I will be adding this map too the play testing server to get some feedback.
    Thanks for the help so far.

    Updated screenshots:

    a5-2.jpg a5-3.jpg a5-4.jpg a5-5.jpg a5-1.jpg