Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Hotfix B6

    - Cow Jail no longer can be built in and you can no longer stand on the edge of the gate
    - cleaned up an ugly brush
  2. A Jump To Beta

    I decided to call the alpha phase off and move to beta. Gameplaywise the map seems to be in a stable spot, however I will continue to make gameplay-adjustments when seen necessary, of course.
    With the jump to beta comes mostly textures for everything to the map doesnt look like a blocky mess, however smaller gameplay adjustments have been made aswell to make some stuff more balanced. The full changelog can be read below.

    - Textures for everything! Of course a lot of things will...
  3. Balancing

    - Any Capture will now trigger an instant Team Respawn - this is to prevent rolls from BLU and to prevent BLU rolling 3rd.
    - Adjusted Respawn Times on Last
    - Moved several Health Packs
    - started the texturing process
    - Reworked BLU Spawns
    - fixed extreme sightline on First
    - Moved RED forward spawn back and added a ramp to the highground
    - added a tunnel at Last to the main room
    - added two windows at Last
    - moved cart path out a bit to expand fighting room
    - moved RED last spawn and...
  4. Sightlines

    - Got rid of several OP Sniper Sightlines
    - Removed Drop-down at Second, replaced it with a staircase to the lower level, allowing RED also access, making the Area after first not as one sided.
    - Moved some Ammo Packs away from their HP counterparts at First
    - Increased some door sizes
    - At the hut around Second, expanded above area and added a small door + bridge to it behind it for easier access
    - Added another big "bridge" at Last
    - Added stairs to the upper area at Last
  5. A whole new Last

    -Reworked and almost completely rebuilt the last area
    -adjusted timers accordingly
    -Fixed several ugly brushes, still more to clean but unsure if I wanna keep those areas as they are
    - slightly expanded a wall at BLU Spawn to block a sightline
    - Moved BLU Spawn door to the right for more ways of defending
    - Added Triggers to open the door after RED Secondary spawn enables, so you can leave spawn now if you are unfortunate enough to spawn there
    -updated certain tiny ledges you'd stumble over...
  6. Hotfixes

    - Fixed BLU spawning inside the RED Spawn after capturing second
    - Added a new building at second for an alternative flanking route
    - Added a rock and generally a bit more highground at second for more cover
    - Expanded a variety of doors (including crouch door)
  7. Lotsa Changes.

    - Widened the area of the first Cap and added a new structure around the first Point/Spawn-shack
    - Moved Payload further so its less hidden
    - Added Arrows for both the RED and BLU team for less getting lost
    - Changed RED and BLU Spawns:
    --BLU's forward spawn has been replaced with a Shortcut door that gets unlocked after capping second
    --RED's forward spawn has been moved back a bit
    --Adjusted Respawn times accordingly
    -Added nobuild to water area
    -Added a big pillar with a Skull sign at the...
  8. Now with Contrast

    - Switched the wall textures from grey to a lighter grey for more tolerable testing
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  9. Quite literally remade the entire map.

    Less of an Update and more of a "This is an entirely new map inspired by the first" - it's less overscaled, less bad, and more better.