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Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Balancing and Optimization: Episode 2

    - Decreased BLU respawn time on second point
    - Increased RED respawn time on second point
    - decreased metal and HP drops on second point so it's less campable
    - Added a wheel to move over the wooden wall around the second point
    - Further optimization process.
    - Fixed being able to enter RED's forward spawn as BLU after capping second(Thanks Alexis)
    - Adjusted certain prop heights so they arent floating anymore
    - Fixed missing texture around Last
    - Gave each point individual names!
  2. Optimization and Last

    - Fixed an exploit to get out of the map
    - adjusted some props
    - fixed visible nodraws
    - aligned several textures
    - increased RED respawn on last to prevent stalemates
    - removed small healthpack in the shack with the big window at Last
    - turned the small healthpack at the tower to a medium one
    - turned the medium healthpack at the roof-plate cover into a small one
    - Optimized Map

    Hopefully the FINAL version of Haywire so I can stop annoying Server Owners with updates. Optimization dont will...
  3. A quick brushover

    RC3 is mostly there to fix a few bugs, adjust a few gameplay related things and also add a tiny bit of optimization and misc stuff.

    NOTE: RC2 has an exploit that is very much potentially gamebreaking, if you are a server owner, I heavily recommend updating to RC3.

    Nonetheless, here is the changelog....
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  4. RC2 and Workshop Release

    This version will mark the end of Haywire's development, and I'm really happy how it turned out.
    This map, being my second, taught me a lot about hammer, but even more about people, balancing, and what to do with feedback, given my first map was more of a "proof of concept" release for myself.

    I've had people I respect a lot that made a lot of amazing stuff for TF2, including maps tell me that areas or certain things about the map are great and fun, but at the same time had the same...
  5. Release Candidate 1

    After several map tests and feedback of friends, strangers, and enemies, the map is at a point where I am personally happy with it and seemingly others, too.

    I aim for this version to be final, but if the next test ends up with some technical issues, Ill obviously fix them.
    As far as looks and gameplay goes, these are very much final.
    Thanks for all the input and feedback to make Haywire as good as it can be!


    - Changed lightning a bit.
    - Changed the color of the wall...
  6. The Sound of Cows

    - Added Soundscapes for their respective locations.
    - Added several lights to make gameplay spaces which were too dark not too dark anymore
    - Further optimization
    - Increased Respawn Time of RED on third, decreased it on First
    - Increased Setup time by 20 seconds to allow Engineers smoother setup and to allow people to be dorks infront of the windows for longer
    - Moved McJohn sign so it stops floating
    - Fixed an issue that caused HDR to go haywire (heh)
    - Added even more Arrows
    - Now...
  7. Balancing and McJohn Water

    This Update is experimenting with the balancing of the map, as many have replied that both Second and Third arent really defendable.

    - Moved the first point into the hut with the deathpit
    --expanded the ground of the deathpit a bit
    - Moved the second point into the double hut with the sniper sightline blockers
    --Added a closed door to RED's forward spawn to block an unwanted sightline
    --Also added some props to block a sightline to prevent snipers sniping the point from their...
  8. A Bitter Taste Of Sniper Sightlines and Optimization

    Hey. I've tested the map again and fortunately, most of the reactions were rather positive to both the looks and the gameplay! However there were still some hiccups, which I hope to have fixed in this patch.

    If nothing else comes up, chances are the next step will be the final release. Haywire has been taking up a large chunk of my time as of late, afterall.

    Either way, here is the Changelog:

    - Adjusted respawn times for the first point to give BLU a higher edge, even in unbalanced teams....
  9. An actual map now.

    After having worked on the map for roughly a month to two non-stop, I'm happy to say that I'm finally done - not entirely of course, but the Map is very close to a releasable format, and all that's left is polishing.

    This update is essentially just this: Detailing. Props, doorframes, textures, details - everything to make the map look like an actual map and not a roblox prototype, there are other changes aswell, though, gameplay-related.

    - Updated the entire map with props,...
  10. Sightlines

    - Adjusted Respawn times again focusing on Third.
    - Fixed Supply Cabinet not working after capping second for BLU
    - Added an Extra Arrow around red's forward spawn that literally stands on the track so people cant avoid looking at it
    - Fixed some brush oddities
    - Moved spawns ever so slightly forward when capping second so BLU doesnt have to walk too much
    -Fixed several stupid and overly long sniper sightlines:
    At B:
    ---- Moved rock a bit so you cant snipe out of the hut anymore....
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