Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. A quick brushover

    RC3 is mostly there to fix a few bugs, adjust a few gameplay related things and also add a tiny bit of optimization and misc stuff.

    NOTE: RC2 has an exploit that is very much potentially gamebreaking, if you are a server owner, I heavily recommend updating to RC3.

    Nonetheless, here is the changelog.

    - Fixed two exploits allowing Engineers to build in unintended locations.
    - Optimized the last point further
    - Adjusted lightning in the Cowjail-Cave
    - Added Cameras across the map
    - Fixed a few visible glitches
    - Adjusted respawn times ever so slightly in favor of RED.
    - Replaced the ugly slopes with stairs!
    - Toned down HDR a bit so it's less bright.
    - Added a sun.
    - Disabled collisions on a variety of pipes
    - Added a barrel at the wooden wall around the shortcut of BLU's spawn to allow defenders to jump over it
    - Disabled shadows on a variety of props so they look less jarring
    - Signs now have collisions
    - Adjusted several textures so they align properly
    - You can no longer get stuck at the fence around the second point
    - Adjusted soundscapes for a more pleasurable gaming experience.
    - Decreased explosion-radius of the final Cap bomb so you no longer die when miles away
    - Added an extra arrow for RED to follow.
    - Updated the Download with new Screenshots because I forgot I had my aliasing off + to show the new stairs and cameras
    - Added a Steam workshop link to the original post

    Once again thanks for all the overwhelmingly positive feedback and bug reports! I never expected such a positive outcome, but I sure as hell am happy about it!

    See ya!
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