Havana B3 Contest Final

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Hey folks, @Muddy has got some last minute changes made to the advanced mission for Havana. Here are the changes:

* Lowered payout on Wave 4 and 5
* Fixed final boss not attacking properly

The names are the same, all the other files are the same. But if you don't feel like downloading the entire zip, you can download the advanced popfile directly here:
by Nicky and Muddy

* artpass improvements
* layout changes to make navigating the map easier
* added more robot class icons!
* fixed an exploit that let players escape the map boundaries
* fixed Engineer buildings floating slightly

* added a bomb-reset pit

Normal Mission:
Wave 4:
* reduced number of Steel Fist Heavies

Advanced Mission:
* lowered overall amount of money earned

Wave 1:
* removed Shotgun Heavies
* reduced general count of Pyros
* fixed Pyros erroneously being named "Crit Pyros"

Wave 2:
* vastly reduced the number of Giant Shotgun Heavies
* removed Engineers

Wave 3:
* reduced number of Escape Plan Soldiers
* increased move speed of Escape Plan Soldiers
* reduced amount of Medics
* reduced number of Giant Soldiers/Medics from 3 each to 1 each
* replaced Giant Heavies with Semi-Giant Shotgun Soldiers

Wave 4:
* reduced number of Battalion Soldiers, Medics and Giant Pyros
* Giant Heavy/Medic pair appear later in the wave now

Wave 5:
* removed Tanks
* buffed robots to make up for the lack of Tanks

Wave 6:
* made final boss a bit smaller so it doesn't get stuck on things if it gets teleported in
-Fixed an improperly packed texture (thanks @Bakscratch for pointing this out)
Muddy and I have redone a lot of the visuals, changed a bit of the layout, and she has done a lot of work on the Missions.

Here's her more in depth change log for the missions n stuff:
by Muddy and Nicky

* artpass & clipping improvements

* fixed the dodgy texture transition from beach to concrete (finally lol)

* fixed one of the tank paths not working
* fixed the tank clipping through the ground when going up a staircase

Advanced Mission:
* reduced RED team respawn time from 10s to 4s
* fixed Fan o'War Scouts not being able to pick up the bomb
* made the whole thing way easier (below are the most significant changes, including them all would've made this changelog ruddy massive)

Wave 1:
* reduced number of Pyros and added Shotgun Heavies

Wave 2:
* removed Spies

Wave 3:
* replaced SMG Snipers with Shotgun Soldiers
* reduced Giant health

Wave 4:
* removed one of the Tanks
* removed Giant Scouts
* removed the Heavy spam at the end

Wave 5:
* reduced bot count all around
* removed Giant Demomen
* increased amount of currency from 2300 to 2600

Wave 6:
* made final boss smoler

Normal Misson:
Wave 1:
* reduced numbers & spawn rates

Wave 2:
* decreased amount of Snipers

Wave 3:
* reduced amount of Giant Pyros from 3 to 1

Wave 4:
* reduced amount of Steel Fist Heavies
* decreased Tank health from 22000 to 20000

Wave 5:
* replaced SMG Snipers with regular Soldiers

And heres the screenshots (also include in the zip, in case you want a new desktop background or something ;) ). Click for larger images:
havana1.jpg havana2.jpg havana3.jpg havana4.jpg havana5.jpg havana6.jpg havana7.jpg havana8.jpg
Beta 1 A
  • (Hopefully) Fixed the unpacked carpet texture (Thanks to @Hipster_Duck for telling me about this!)
  • Fixed a clipping issue with a wooden plank
  • Fixed some visible nodraws around some of the fences/wooden supports
  • Clipped the sides of the roads (you now smoothly go up the curb)
Hey fellow Team Fortress friends, its ya boy Nick here to release something big. Over the past month and a couple days, I have been working tirelessly to art pass Havana and make my dream of a TF2 map set in Cuba a reality. Thanks to Muddy for making an amazing layout for me to work with, and helping me every now and then with the art pass, we are very proud of present Havana Beta 1 to all of you.

Even though the map has been out for about 3 months now, and I've been working on art passing it for over a month, I've never actually played the map myself. Hopefully I get a chance to do that at some point. This is my first artpass of a real, playable map so it is very important to me and I hope you all really enjoy it!

Here is Muddy's change log for the missions:
by Muddy and Nicky

* artpass!

Normal Mission:
* added a normal mission. there didn't used to be one but now there is

Advanced Mission:
Wave 1:
* increased spawn time for the Giant Demoman and Medic squad from 4s to 7s
* reduced max active Giant Demomen and Medics from 16 to 8 (2 Giant Demomen, 6 Medics)
* increased wave currency from $900 to $1200

Wave 2:
* removed Batallion Soldiers
* increased spawn time for the Giant Heavy and Medic squad from 4s to 6s
* reduced max active of Giant Heavies and Medics from 12 to 8 (2 Giant Heavies, 6 Medics)
* increased wave currency from $1200 to $1600

Wave 3:
* removed Spies cos fuck em
* removed Bonk Scouts and replaced them with SMG Snipers
* reduced SMG Sniper spawn time from 10s to 7s
* reduced amount of Giant Heavies and Giant Medics from 20 to 18
* reduced max active Giant Heavies and Giant Medics from 16 to 6 (3 Giant Heavies, 3 Giant Medics)
* increased spawn time for Giant Soldier squad from 8s to 12s
* reduced max active Giant Soldier squads from 16 to 12 (3 Giant Soldiers, 3 Batallion Soldiers, 6 Medics)
* increased wave currency from $1200 to $2200

Wave 4:
* reduced max active Giant Demoman squads from 6 to 4 (2 Giant Demomen, 2 Giant Medics)
* reduced Giant Demoman squad spawncount from 4 to 2
* increased wave currency from $2000 to $2600

Wave 5:
* increased spawn time for the Giant Demoman and Medic squad from 3s to 7s
* reduced amount of Shotgun Heavies from 48 to 42
* increased spawn time for the Shotgun Heavies from 5s to 6s
* reduced max active Giant Scouts and Giant Medics from 4 to 2 (1 Giant Scout, 1 Giant Medic)
* increased wave currency from $2000 to $2300

Wave 6:
* reduced max active Giant Soldiers and Giant Medics from 12 to 6 (3 Giant Soldiers, 3 Giant Medics)
* increased spawn time for Giant Soldiers and Giant Medics from 2 to 5
* increased spawn time for the Shotgun Heavies from 3s to 5s
* increased wave currency from $1300 to $3000

Now here are some fun stats I think you all might like idk lol:
  • About 150 hours total went into art passing the map
  • 4563 total dev textures were replaced by nodraws
    • 3952 of them were the "Reflectivity 40" dev textures
  • 5 hammer crashes occurred during the art pass
  • 1 blue screen occurred during the art pass
  • There are (I believe*) 10 easter eggs in the map, see if you can find em all!
    • *I put so many that I probably am forgetting some even exist
The map will be going on the workshop shortly, we want to check whether there are any technical issues or not.

Hot new screenshots (at very high quality, click to enlarge!):
havana1.jpg havana2.jpg havana3.jpg havana4.jpg havana5.jpg havana6.jpg havana7.jpg havana8.jpg havana9.jpg havana10.jpg
A4 Changelog:
  • Added a custom Advanced mission! with custom waves! it's probably bad!
  • Fixed Engineer bot getting stuck in the crates on the beach
  • Fixed robots taking a path they shouldn't when going through the alleyway
  • Moved some teleporters around to stop Giants from getting stuck when teleporting in
  • Raised a few doorways to stop Giants getting stuck on them
  • Modified an Engineer nest to be more effective
  • Nav file had a bug so here is a new one!
Map, nav, and pop are still labeled a3.
  • Beach:
    • Shortened robots' walk distance from their spawn points to the gameplay area (and also deleted the further-away spawnpoints)
    • Fixed robots being invulnerable in the gameplay area
    • Fixed players being able to stand on the robot spawnvisualiser
    • Raised the big rock in the middle so you can't jump on it anymore and also func_nobuilded it
    • Nerfed some of the cover around the beach
    • Raised the end of the beach a bit to give the robots a bit more height
  • Streets:
    • Adjusted the height of the bridge around the middle to stop giants from getting stuck on it
    • Removed an enemy teleporter spot that would cause giants to get stuck
  • Gamemode:
    • (Hopefully) fixed the forward upgrade station sometimes being usable during a wave
  • Robots:
    • Fixed Engineer robots not working properly
A3 Screenshots:

havana1.jpg havana2.jpg havana3.jpg havana4.jpg
Brought to you by @Muddy cuz she da best.

Robot Spawn:
  • replaced one of the robot carriers with a building (mostly to make the nav mesh less of a mess)

  • made the beach area larger

Robot Navigation:
  • added functionality for Engineer robots
  • fixed robots taking routes they should not be
  • general nav file improvements
  • added more bot holograms

Pop file:
  • added a second 'advanced' mission (pretty much just Bigrock Broken Parts with some minor tweaks) - enable it with the console command tf_mvm_popfile mvm_havana_a2_advanced