Hatchback V4

A prop car for TF2.

  1. Adding license plate letters.

    • Just added letters on the rear license plate for this hatchback. Just got the idea from the dictionary. upload_2021-2-9_2-12-43.png
  2. The collision

    • I have to do over the hatchback collision last night, because it doesn't looked to good.
  3. Pack has changed

    • The hatchback pack is now fixed.
  4. TF2 - Hatchback (Update)

    I have to gave you TF2mappers a heads up update, the model prop I made don't have the lighting on it, it takes me days to finger this out. I used lightmap aka lightwarptexture on vmt to see how it work out. It worked on TF2 and SFM. Sadly, it does not work on Gmod, I founded out that Gmod don't support lightmap for props. (I'm not sure it's true or not) :|

    So the headlights have been changed. I smoothed out the bumpers, front & back lights, mirrors, roof racks and other parts of the model....