Hatchback V4

A prop car for TF2.

  1. D.C.V.
    Umm... hello, that's my first time I registered to TF2 maps last Friday. I made a small Japanese compact car with roof racks on from scrap, since TF2 don't have Asian vehicles, so I used Blender the first time in the late May to early June. The model was based off the 1972 Honda Civic (1st generation) I have to make the car look different due to copyright.

    So... I made 6 skin colors for this model in Red,Blu,Black,Light Yellow,Mint and White.

    Do not edit my model or re-upload it without asking permission.
    Do not distribute my model.

    So btw, have fun making a prop for your project. I have to make it look good. If any problems with the model please message me.

    compactpost.png compactpost2.png test2.png test.png


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