Gunflint A4

King of the Hill with two deathpits

  1. Alpha 4

    Keizer Ei
    -Added more cover to the interior of buildings
    -Added clip brushes to ledges and some walls
    -Added cover to the sewers
    -Decreased the height of a drop to prevent fall damage
    -Replaced the shutters in the spawn courtyard with actual geometry
    (^New spawn courtyard)
    -Small changes to mid, including a larger cap zone and different textures
  2. The map is now fun!(?)

    Keizer Ei
    -Changed powerful sniper sightline
    (^This sightline)
    -Removed areas players got lost in
    -Lowered some drops to get rid of unneccesary fall damage
    -Did a complete redo of mid


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  3. Gunflint

    Keizer Ei
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