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Gravestone rc20

It's the 3rd chapter of the stone series!

  1. New fixes and improvements

    Changelog of the updates:

    Oct 7:

    - Added more space between bumper cars at the starting area
    - Added Merasmus counting from five to one during round start
    - Added a teleport that takes people further back to track from the pit, if they drive down in a trap at the end slope upwards
    - Added Soul Gargoyle spawn position
    - Fixed one gravestone (ha, ha) model to be solid instead of non-solid
    - Fixed more visible texture alignments
    - Fixed a bug in underworld where players were able to see blank...
  2. Final fixes

    - Fixed last remaining console error from model vphysics (finally found you!)
    - Fixed misaligned brush faces in the underworld
    - Fixed displacement texture errors in the underworld and upperworld areas
    - Fixed doorframe at the exit of BLU base tunnel being non-solid to solid
    - BLU base inner sliding base door now opens after setup has ended if no one has opened it yet
    - Changed one spell in underworld to common from rare
    - Changed some more models to be non solid outside of the playable area...
  3. Bug fixes and improvements

  4. RC14

    All updates combined to the latest version:

    - Continued halloweenifying the RED base, added scary things inside of it
    - Widened doorway near B cap point (Thanks marvelmies)
    - Fixed cart sliding sometimes behind when RED player came near the cart
    - Fixed a bug where round ended early in the underworld when traveled through monoculus portal (Thanks DaVinchi and NEONPRIME.AXL !)
    - Fixed cart climbing high in the air before dropping into the cauldron
    - Fixed broken intro images
    - Added more...
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