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It's the 3rd chapter of the stone series!

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    Gravestone - It's the 3rd chapter of the stone series!

    Welcome to the 3rd installement of the stone™ series, Gravestone! A 2nd and last map for this halloween! A barrel born 2nd cousin from the deep waters of the underworld!

    You can play this map right now! Connect to - runs this map 24/7!


    Check it out on Steam Workshop, there is even a video for it there.

    Battle against your worst and only enemy, BLU (or RED), only to find out that the rounds never end when they should! Instead, you meet in the underworld on agonizing bumper car race to the top of the underworld mansion! May the first (best) team win who gets on top first! But there is a catch! Winner of the previous round gets a head start! So you want to win, to be able to win again! Muahahaha!

    So start your engines, three, two, one! Get moving and push that cart into that cauldron or stop that getting pushed in!

    Map features:

    - Spell cauldrons that dispense spells on different areas all over the map!
    - Custom payload cart with booze, potions and scary chemistry set on it
    - Witch cauldron with explosive cookings brewing inside of it
    - Our horseless friend might come up for a visit whenever it wants to!
    - A pit of deadly drop as an ending
    - Sharp haunted sawblades that you should keep an eye out, because they might take your head out!
    - Tick tock clock, opening doors and coffins to underworld on every midnight! Head for the light!
    - Angry eye-shaped fellow might come to visit demoman
    - Spooky ghosts spawning any area of the map!
    - Skeletons to hunt you down in the underworld, should you not participate soon in the race!
    - Meramus the wizard, keeping you company as announcing events and messing up your games!

    Map is still work in progress, so please report all bugs you find! I will be updating the map time and time with improvements and fixes!

    Map designed, built and monsterfied by ICS
    Minecart model, sawblade model, small cauldron model & animation by Sheltr
    Particle effects for small cauldron and for the payload cart by Exactol
    Custom payload cart and big cauldron model by AsG_Alligator
    Cousin IT from certain family, played by WeryBigMonk (the bug hunter)

    Enjoy halloween mortals, because it will be your last!

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    is this entirely new or a reskin of a map?
    EDIT: okay it isn't. i didn't read this. Map designed, built and monsterfied by ICS
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    It's based on Rumble that i did earlier this year. It's also not just a reskin, i build a very large underworld just for this map as well.
  4. Crash

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    Making them all -stone is horrible for map recognition, imo. To this day I can never remember which is which between hellstone and brimstone.
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    And especially, because they're all payload!
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    ye i played the map and it kinda felt the same as hellstone and brimstone. because well there are payload and all the maps have most of the bosses and halloween NPC'S in them like skeletons and HHH
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    i tested the map alone , i ran around and stuff and i think the map is pretty good.
    only 1 complain though. don't get me wrong, the bumper carts after blue team caps is a great idea but the way to get up to the mansion is not that obvious at least in my opinion. the first 3 times i tried getting up there either i died by falling off the mansion , getting out of the mansion after getting in or getting lost. overall its a good map and i am curious to see how it plays.
    one question : how did you get merasmus to talk on the map and stuff? even if some people told me i wasnt able to get it to work.
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    Thanks, to your question, i basically go through the game files, add in the ones i like / fit with ambient_generic and play that at the proper time. You cant "replace" announcer with merasmus as its hardcoded into the map such as sd_doomsday_event but you can still use the sounds if you like.
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    You shouldn't need ambient_generics if you mess around with sound scripts. Which I presume you already had to do to shut up the announcer anyway.
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    Sometimes its just easier and faster to input generics and work with those than write a soundscript. I dont use merasmus as announcer though (no replacing the original) as you imagined it but it simply says lines in certain times.

    Ill arrange a playtest today for the map at so if anyone is interested to try this one out, be there after 2hrs 45 mins of this post. Thanks.
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    All updates combined to the latest version:

    - Continued halloweenifying the RED base, added scary things inside of it
    - Widened doorway near B cap point (Thanks marvelmies)
    - Fixed cart sliding sometimes behind when RED player came near the cart
    - Fixed a bug where round ended early in the underworld when traveled through monoculus portal (Thanks DaVinchi and NEONPRIME.AXL !)
    - Fixed cart climbing high in the air before dropping into the cauldron
    - Fixed broken intro images
    - Added more gravestones
    - Removed a part of the track that accidentally got in there
    - Changed ammopack size to bigger at the closing door that becomes one-way later
    - Changed spells in the kart track to all normal, rare ones confused players as they behaved the same
    - Sawblades no longer blink oddly, model fixed
    - Sawblades now stop moving when the cart is pushed out of the area, up to the hill
    - When round is won in kart track by going to the top, winner no longer teleports out of the underworld
    - Repositioned RED teams spawn resupply closet further from doorway
    - Improved clipping on underworld gates
    - Adjusted payload cart collision
    - Fixed some signs not turning from red to blu when B-point was capped
    - Fixed a bug where merasmus was blabbering about japanese mafia middle of the round
    - Fixed cart shaking near the cauldron where it is being dropped
    - Fixed Merasmus saying "you lose" despite your team won the round
    - Fixed displacement on uphill after C point hiding the cart track a bit under it
    - Moved tree in underworld to make a better way for karts
    - Added boiling effect to the big cauldron
    - Added a method preventing spawn camping in the underworld area
    - Added more boosters to the kart track
    - Miscellaneous fixed
    - Added additional screen markers for bumper car beginning
    - Fixed clipping error on hill after 1st point
    - Fixed round ending when last player alive in underworld from a team died inside underworld
    - Fixed sawblades spinning the wrong way
    - Optimized map bit more
    - Added railing next to hill between B and C points. Prevents players jumpin directly to platform from hill side
    - Incresed time on the clock, now underworld area opens less frequently
    - Lit up some more windows in the map
    - Added a blocker to prevent unwanted shortcut taking in the race in underworld
    - Added skeleton(s) to spawn after each cap
    - Added a bone cracking capture sound
    - Added effects for each capture event
    - Merasmus now appears earlier in underworld race - if you dont race and just clown around, you wont survive!
    - Fixed texture error on floor spot near last area
    - Fixed coffin teleporter being active for a second later even when the top was already closed
    - Fixed cart hitting ground at certaina areas, causing rumbly effect
    - Fixed a crashbug that was accidentally introduced in the previous patch
    - Fixed issue with particle effects not loading properly

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    - Fixed last remaining console error from model vphysics (finally found you!)
    - Fixed misaligned brush faces in the underworld
    - Fixed displacement texture errors in the underworld and upperworld areas
    - Fixed doorframe at the exit of BLU base tunnel being non-solid to solid
    - BLU base inner sliding base door now opens after setup has ended if no one has opened it yet
    - Changed one spell in underworld to common from rare
    - Changed some more models to be non solid outside of the playable area
    - Improved clipping on BLU 1st base and some other spots that needed it
    - Optimized underworld framerate, improving it up to 8% (my machine 200-210 -> 220-235

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    Changelog of the updates:

    Oct 7:

    - Added more space between bumper cars at the starting area
    - Added Merasmus counting from five to one during round start
    - Added a teleport that takes people further back to track from the pit, if they drive down in a trap at the end slope upwards
    - Added Soul Gargoyle spawn position
    - Fixed one gravestone (ha, ha) model to be solid instead of non-solid
    - Fixed more visible texture alignments
    - Fixed a bug in underworld where players were able to see blank white, outside of the map
    - Adjusted lighting to be more bright in some areas of the BLU first base
    - Adjusted fade distances of some models
    - Improved clipping on few doorways sides
    - Nodrawed some more faces in the underworld area that illuded my eagle-eye before
    - Tried to exchange the bumper car hud with no success :-(

    Oct 5:

    - Fixed bumpercars causing lagging on the next round, they now should init correctly with the minigame itself instead of trigger
    - Fixed payload cart not being totally directed forward, was off 0.5 degrees
    - Fixed a case where player was left alive when he should have died near the pond area outside fence, outside of the map
    - Fixed non-solid tombstone in underworld to solid
    - Fixed merasmus from spawning in underworld after either team had already won the game
    - Fixed players from hitting block in thin air after 1st point if they rocketed/stickyway'd towards the stairs up
    - Moved underworld later coffin/door exit for BLU little outside the building
    - Changed a railing to non-solid near B site
    - Slightly increased explosive pumpkin bomb spawn timer
    - Added missing soundscape file

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