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-point was tweaked to make it more approachable and interesting to play on


-this shack got moved to block sightlines
-metal fences added to block sightlines
-new routes through buildings added
-rock added to the middle of main to slit it in two and less open



-spawns changed to the building next to the last


-last spawn connected to new spawn


-fence got removed to make it easier to approach the balcony for jump classes
I did a lot that I can't remember so here are some screenshots...






- Tonemap bloom scale changed from .5 to .3
* Complains of high brightness

- Added windows to point
* To know what's around the corner

- Split the point roof
* To make it harder to stay on the roof

- Opened a side route from point
* Complains of the point being too closed off

- Point is Longer
* To line up with the new route

- Point roof lowered
* Was too high so now you don't take fall damage when dropping off

- Added a camera prop on point shack
* So non jumping classes could get on point roof

- Adjusted truck hitbox
* So it may be easier to get on the truck


- Fake roof turned into an actual roof
* There were players trying to get on them and falling to their death

- Added a metal construction
* To fill the empty space
* to have a way to get on the roof

- Closest wall straight outside span opened up
* It's weird routing right out of spawn to do a 180

- Camera prop added to the wall
* Jumping assist


- Spawn flipped and rotated
* To make the routing better no longer do you need to turn right out of spawn
- Point room expanded
- Mid main expanded
- Underpass route expanded
* Complaints of cramped mid

- Blocked off the windows into point
- Holes opened in the roof of the point shack
* Complaints of spam

- Relocated the truck and fence under the balcony
* More effective sightline block

- Oneway door now reopened but it was fixed, now it opened both ways

- Fence near main remove and replaced with a rock
* No more windows, no more sightline to block

- Log added near rock
* To hide the transition between two displacements

- Added snipper fences to balcony
* To block safe spam
* to block sightline

- Small ammo added to overhangs on the opposite side of balcony wall

- Hole to balcony opened in the flank
- flank lowered for a higher ceiling

- Added a pillar in underpass
* For optimal competitive aspect

- Replaced medium health pack in underpass with smalls
* there was essentially a full health pack so close to the point you didn't need to fall back for health

- Widened main
- Expanded Shack
- Expaned the route to shack from spawn
- Whole shack moved back

- Health and ammo moved inside shack

- Fixed cubemaps (hopefully)
- Placed a house on top of the bridge.
* There were complaints about how there "isn't enough cover on point for anybody in their right mind to go and cap mid".
- Replaced thin fence with a medium fence.
* The house opened up an insane sightline that needed to be blocked.
- Replaced rock with the truck.
* Because of the thickened fence the rock would have taken up too much space making it feel rather cramped.
- Bridge is now wider.
* The house entranced would have been too narrow and could have gotten choky.
- The balcony walls have been moved forwards.
* Wanted to widen the flank route and block a sightline between the house and wall.
- Added a fence under the balcony.
* I wanted flankers to have some cover from snipers so they could get closer, but there is still a gap.

- Replace a couple of the low walls with houses with walkable roofs.
* The walls were too restricting and mid felt very dictative.
- Added slopes and windows to the new roofs.
* the windows are for snipers to get on them, but the stairs on the second roof are for dealing with any roof sentries.
- Blocked off the fence completely, no more route.
* Needed to redesign barn so the route had to be blocked.
- Trimp brush removed, rock tilted a little bit more.
* No point in having a brush for trimping when you can use the whole rock.

- Fenced off the old route completely.
* People were saying that there was no purpose of this entire area if it leads to nothing.
- Widened the route by shack
* To accommodate for the slope.
- Added more cover to mid

- Point is now higher

- Expanded underpass
- Added more health packs
- Replaced brushes with patches

- One-way doors closed off
- Added a ramp to the balcony
- Added new flank route under-balcony
- Added some planks

- Flank route has medium health and ammo
- Old flank route repurposed
- Flank route widened

- Third route closed off
- Upgraded the trimp ramp
- Added ramp close to main for easier and faster rotates

- Fence got opened and ramped
- Fence has clipping removed

- Main widened

- Skybox raised
- Giant walls shortened

- Displacements smoothed and painted


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