Grand Gulch a6

A bridge over a gulch, between two mines built into the rock face

  1. The Coal Piles Update

    • Added more displacement, flatted existed displacement
    • Added temp textures.
    • Replaced a bridge with two pipes (for aesthetic).
    • Added a tunnel from one doorway to another in the transitional cave. from spawn to the shelter.
    • Increased the width of said transition cave.
    • Added bridge between sides under the cap.
    • Shorted the distance between the cap and the two stairways that lead from the underpass to the main floor.
    • Moved the left one-way door into the left shelter,...
  2. Lockdown update

    To test things out, I'm made two big changes.
    1. The entrances to the shelter rooms on both sides of the canyon, connected by a bridge, has been closed off. The bridge now has ramps leading to the control point.
    2. The doors added in the previous update has been made one way to the opposite team. The opposite team can still enter the courtyard outside of spawn but only through the center entrance. Players of the same team, matching the side color, can use this as a two way door....
  3. Putting up safety measures

    The spawn room and courtyard outside of spawn has been changed. Fences now prevent early easy falling into pits. An extinction with a second door has been made to the spawn house leading to the left exit from the courtyard. A cliff drop now make a one way drop from the left side to the right side of the courtyard (unless you enter the spawn house or you explosive jump).
    Doors have been added to the left exit into left shelter and the right exit into the right stair well, which leads into...
  4. The under pass update

    After feedback, I have added a lower path under the bridge, hugging the cliffside. I also added an upper path in the center where players can drop in for an ambush. There's also more lights, deeper death pits, higher ceilings, and more cover, especially on the bridges.


    1. 20210822210450_1c.jpg
    2. 20210822210511_1c.jpg
    3. 20210822210536_1c.jpg
    4. 20210822210605_1c.jpg
  5. All right, I'm starting from scratch

    Yeah, that last map wasn't good, so I reexamined the basics I tried taking the same premise in a smaller, less busy form.

    The control point is still in the middle of the gulch but the wide sides on ether end is shorten. There's a divide between one exit and the other. There is now just a house with windows in a open court yard for the spawn. That one bridge that was the long way to the control point is part of the previously mention court yard. The lighting is default brighter for now. The...
  6. Now Compiled