gm_construct_cdlp_remix2 A6

Tower of trouble

  1. Map update

    Cynder loves Portal

    * The monitor in the bunker now shows the map's camera system. The console is now updated to control the cameras.

    *Elevators have now got music.

    * various texture and brush fixes.

    * The nuke damage trigger has now been fixed.

  2. update

    Cynder loves Portal
    This fixes a few exploits and adds a voice for the countdown.
  3. update

    Cynder loves Portal
    This fixes a few sound issues

    Also this fixes an exploit with the nuke that kills everyone.

    Also a few layout changes in the skyscraper.
  4. fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    This update fixes the nuke triggers that kill players where the trigger is not supposed to.
  5. note

    Cynder loves Portal
    Extract the provided file into your custom folder.
  6. Fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    I'm having trouble uploading to at the moment. The external link is only temporary.

    This fixes all the problems that were in Alpha1.


    *The eye textures on the pony models do not display even though the textures are packed in the bsp BUT they display in hammer.

    *Also i've noticed that the fizzler models are not textured even though in hammer they are. The textures are packed in BSP