Glassworks RC7a

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Has always been one of my favorite custom made 5CP maps. The last point in particular is one that I really like and I wish I got to play this map more often. I do wish there was more verticality at the second point but I do understand why it's made the way it is. Overall, I like playing this map quite a lot.
Realy good
Looks almost perfect. Gameplay is amazing. Wait... is this still not added to the game?
10/10 no comment
Pretty good map
map looks and feels amazing. valve should learn from this
looks better than some valve maps, and plays alot better than some valve maps.
amazing map i hope it gets added in the game!
A map that any aspiring Highlander mapper should look to.
Pretty good gameplay, though it could use a bit more details
Very great quality map. Great for pubs and looks and feels amazing. Havn't played Highlander on it yet to judge that aspect though.