Giants rc3

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rc3 changelog

- improved snowy basalt visuals
- brightened lights in middle building to better highlight route for RED side
- fixed some prop lighting issues
- fixed small seam between barriers by spawn
rc2 changelog:

- fixed missing pickups in blu short stairs
- fixed several bumpmapping errors
- fixed detailtexture scaling on basalt columns
- adjusted prop lightmapping
- fixed a weird bit of collission in short stairs
- fixed an annoying bit of collision around mid
- fixed wrong cubemap assignment on some ground

rc1 changelog:

- upped max round time to 10 minutes (was 7)
- upped initial round time to 10 minutes (was 5)
- upped comeback capture time bonus to 5 minutes (was 1:30)
- changed ammo and health in intel to medium (were small)
- added small health to long stairs by walkway
- added small health and ammo to short stairs
- changed health in lower battlements to medium (was small)
- change ammo in lower battlements to full (was medium)
- highlighted resupply lockers
- adjusted lighting in various places
- fixed being able to shoot through slats on vent dropdown grate
- improved clipping on basalt as much as is feasible
- clipped pipe route
- slightly reduced intensity of basalt column detailtexture
- fixed a bit of retaining wire poking out from beyond clipping, causing a slight stuck issue
- fixed lighting on radio tower
- fixed broken lightmaps on computers beneath short stairs
- fixed a couple scuffed lightmaps on mid central building
- (mostly) fixed potential sorting issues with a glass wall by intel
- fixed a bit of z-fighting in bases
- added custom mission briefing

also now compiled with -final VRAD. swanky.