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Capture the point and destroy the opponents generator

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Generator Defense or Generator Destruction is a game mode all about doing damage. Both teams have a generator with a fragile reactor core. Capture the mid point to lower the shield and revile the enemies core, then SHOOT THE CRAP OUT OF IT!

    Do all of this while stopping the other team from destroying your own core to win over all. The mid point can be recapped so just because you currently own it, doesn't mean your completely safe.

    People who worked on this project are:
    MegapiemanPHD - Logic, Layout (area between spawns and mid, editing spawns and mid,putting it all together), Sealing, Concepts, Lighting
    ChargingTurnip/TrueLemon - Logic, Modeling, Model Textures, Layout (mid, generator room), Concepts, Lighting
    TheFluffyCart - Audio Work, Layout (forward spawn), Concepts
    Boby321 - Layout (generator room spawn)


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Recent Updates

  1. it's not short, it's fun sized