Gator Lake ab1

they're actually crocodiles but don't tell anyone.

  1. (ab)out to become (ab)eta map

    -because you guys begged so much for it, there is now a small area where you can get chomped by the gators, horray.

    -buildings next to the sawmill have been textured

    -more gators

    that's it, I guess. idk.
  2. a9 update

    -added health and ammo to the building outside of spawn to assist teams getting pushed back too far.

    -applied detailing and texturing to the roof above the point

    -added nobuild to the central water

    -added a small roof + nobuild to the signs near the point to indicate that players can stand on them.

    -added a jump shortcut to the sawmill

    -just a small bit of optimization.

    -other small changes.
  3. a8 update (dont ask about a7)

    -some more detailing, I'm starting to think the layout works pretty well

    -changed the side buildings near the sawmill to be less cramped

    -improved lighting in some areas

    -fixed visibility of some props

    -plenty of attempts at optimization, i hope they worked.

    that's really everything, very small update, idk.
  4. a6a: bruh

    forgot to pack, lol.
  5. a6

    -changed the water to 2fort water because it just looks better.

    -fixed some z-fighting props and textures

    -made some cool detailing, especially with the sawmill

    -removed cubemaps, too soon to deal with these.

    -changed the height of the point wall so snipers cant reach the roof by climbing

    -changed the positioning of many pickups

    -changed the angled stairs at spawn to normal stairs

    -plenty of clipping

    -plenty of optimization
  6. a5 update

    -changed the mid wall to be a bit more open

    -lowered the ground under the bridge

    -removed the bridges between courtyards and mid

    -removed the new path to the sawroom since it deviated players away from the point

    -added boats to be used as ramps to climb up the deck behind mid

    -sum fun detailing

    -more optimization
  7. a4 update

    reduced plenty of walls in order to allow for more open combat

    the highground now has a jump platform to the point.

    -reduced the roof over the point, now accessible

    -spawn is no longer overexposed to the outside

    -reduced the amount of grate walls

    -changed the ground texture

    -added a new route from spawn to the saw, allowing fore more diverse navigation

    -plenty of optimization.
  8. a3 update

    -added some space behind the bridge

    -shortened the space of the dirt platform in front of the point

    -the water can now extinguish you

    -added some lighting to dark areas

    -fixed some clipping

    -some optimization