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-fixed some areaportal issues
-small lighting tweaks
-made the walls on the point thinner
-made the planks near the point thinner
-fixed a bug where you could walk on top of the sawblade without dying

Now that it looks like most fps issues have been resolved, it feels likethe map may be nearing it's final stages before rc1. Fingers crossed.
-attempts at reducing prop usage for optimization
-sealed some areas with skyboxes for optimization
-adjustments to prop fade distances for optimization
-tried to fix the water being oddly bouncy (still not fixed, someone help)
-additional detailing
-I am going to cry
alright, so I've been working on this version over many long intervals so I might not remember every change I've made but here it goes:

-Changed the grass texture to a less vomit-like one
-Changed the windmill to look broken
-Sealed the spawnrooms for better fps
-Sacrificed a couple goats for lucipher himself just so this map doesnt have any more fps issues please please please
-some detailing to the big houses
-I dont remember anything else
-I just dont want the map to have bad fps anymore please please pelas
-added cubemaps
-added a small dropdown on the path to the big houses to allow players to rotate faster
-completely redesigned the warehouse once again, making it just a very swampy shack
-merged some displacement edges and covered up others
-some attempts at optimization
-I guess that's it, hope there's no fps issues again
more than obviously the map seemed to have some optimization issues, so this entire update is dedicated to trying to decrease lag.

-added areaportals to spawnrooms
-added skybox brushes to separate regions
-added occluders
-plenty of other fps optimization attempts
-huge changes have been made to the map

-right off the bat, many buildings have been redesigned to be more unique and have their own place in the map

-New buildings include:
  • a bar-shack-thingy
  • a warehouse
  • a boiler room
  • a cozy shack with furnaces and stuff

-Replaced red's silo with an awesome windmill

-Added soundscapes

-brought back the healthkit near the sawblade

-added some funny music to the spawns

-further background detailing

-further red and blue spawnroom detailing

-further bridge detailing

-more detaling around the map

-optimizations or whatever


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-inside and outside detailing
-even more skybox detailing, now with skycards!
-slightly changed fog colors
-fixed some more props dissapearing at wrong distances
-removed a tree by blue spawn
-fixed small symmetry issues
-spawnrooms have been textured and further detailed
-removed the healthpack near the saw
-changed and added health packs
-other minor detailing but who cares
-I finally learnt how to use areaportals and hints, making some fps optimizations at least for indoor areas.

-redesigned the mid house and made it look better

-other minor detailing around

-added a small ammopack near the big buildings.
-spawnrooms have been remade
-opened up a bit of space around the point

-idk, i dont remember, not important anyways, probably a new gator or something.