Fulgur b11

A new spytech thing. Now with a name.

  1. Update to version b11

    • Closed off the top route in A-B connector to test the impact on overall gampleay between the 2 points.
    • Moved 2nd blu forward spawn to the connector between the curved bit and B.
    • Added an inner spawn door and moved spawnpoints back in blu first spawn.
    • Clipping fixes.
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  2. Update to version b10

    • Fixed missing glass textures.
    • Fixed material weirdness on computers on C.
    • Fixed incorrect lighting on stairs in A-B connector.
  3. Update to version b9

    • Layout changes to the top area of the A-B connector.
    • Reworked the 2nd blu forward spawn and the lobby it connects to.
    • Some other minor changes and fixes.

    Known issue: Stairs in curved area between A and B have shit lighting.
  4. Update to version b8

    • Added glass windows on the catwalk in B-C lobby to prevent spawncamping of reds' forward spawn.
    • Lighting adjustments on C.
    • Added arrow signs for red and blu forward spawns.
    • Added areaportalwindows to a few doorways and the window at C.
    • Clipping fixes.
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  5. Update to version b7a

    • Changed the stairwell at C.
    • Added railings to the catwalk in B-C connector.
    • Closed off the RED highground at B.
    • Removed the weird B point console thing.
    • Extended B cap zone a bit.
  6. Update to version b6

    • Added some cover to B point.
    • Reworked the stairs room to the side of B.
    • Fixed the trigger wall at B.
  7. Update to version b5

    • Some changes to B andA-B connector to make it a bit easier to attack and make 2nd BLU forward spawn less spawncampable.
  8. Update to version b4

    • Clipping fixes.
    • Changed the exterior appearance of BLU base.
    • Fixed missing func_respawnroom volume for BLU first spawn.
  9. Update to version b3

    • Increased respawn time for RED on B.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Added a few lights to A area.
    • Added stairs to the curved section for access to the top area.
    • Fixed cap point not changing its skin on C.
  10. Update to version b2

    • Fixed incorrect reflections on the floor in indoor areas.
    • Fixed missing clipping on certain objects.
    • Fixed stickies bouncing from glass walls.
    • Added 3D skybox.
    • Fixed missing lower exit door in final RED spawn.