Fulgur rc2a

A new spytech thing. Now with a name.

  1. AsG_Alligator
    3cp a/d thing. Also SPYTECH!


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: rc2a
    I don't like most Attack/Defend maps because of their design being based around chokepoints and the defense team being largely favored. This map changes quite a lot of that with a lot more accessible flankroutes for the offense team, with some spots on the map having glass windows to show the red team that blu's on their way to cap the point. The aesthetic here is phenomenal with the amount of details put into it, especially the helicopter pad for the first point.

    You did an excellent job making Attack/Defend work on a map like this.
  2. Gravidea
    Version: rc2a
    Excellent map! I have a pub community server that I run it on often that has around 30 people at a time, and they love it when it gets chosen! I can only imagine that it would work really well as a Casual map. Keep up the good work!
  3. Anonymous
    Version: rc2a
    great map, it should be official
  4. Memelordedgemaster
    Version: b7a
    great map so far from the beta testing