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Friction a4

By DaBeatzProject

  1. DaBeatzProject

    Hello There!

    Two days ago, I suddenly got the idea to combine PL with KotH. This is the result:

    A map set in a sunny environment, following granary's theme. But it's the gamemode that it's all about. Both teams can push the cart, which spawns in the middle of the map. When, let's say, BLU pushes the cart in the area of RED, BLU's timer starts to count, as if they captured the "Hill"-CP!

    Known issues are:
    - Some bugs with the cart
    - ...

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://forums.tf2maps.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2834


    1. koth_friction_a10002.jpg
    2. koth_friction_a10004.jpg
    3. koth_friction_a10007.jpg
    4. koth_friction_a10005.jpg
    5. koth_friction_a10008.jpg