sky_goldnight_01 1.0

Made by DaBeatzProject

  1. DaBeatzProject

    Hello there!

    This is my first in (hopefully) a series of skybox textures you guys can use. This time I made a clear sky on a late night - and used the goldrush sky as a base. Feel free to use this sky but please credit me and/or let me know.

    If you guys have any feedback or problems, please let me know.

    What's inside the download file (.zip - 334kB)?
    • One folder [sky_goldnight_01]
    • Five .vtf files [sky_goldnight_01xx.vtf]
    • Six .vmt files [sky_goldnight_01xx.vmt]
    • One .vmf file with the recommended lighting settings and entities [sky_goldnight_01settings.vmf]
    The template map seen on the screenshots is NOT included in the download file.

    How do I use the skybox texture?
    It's simple!
    • Put the .vtf and .vmt files in steam/steamapps/yoursteamusername/team fortress 2/tf/materials/skybox (if the skybox folder doesn't exist, make one in the materials folder).
    • Place the .vmf file in steam/steamapps/yoursteamusername/sourcesdk_content/tf/mapsrc and open it in hammer.


    I hope you like the sky and enjoy the view!


    1. sky_goldnight_010000.jpg
    2. sky_goldnight_010001.jpg
    3. sky_goldnight_montage.png

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