Env_snow_custom 1.0

Made by DaBeatzProject

  1. DaBeatzProject

    Several snow variations for you to use in your map!
    [Current version: env_snow_custom_v1]

    This .pcf includes:
    Different Particle Systems of different sizes -
    The sizes are 128, 256, 512 and 1024.
    The types are light, lighter, cheap and dense.

    Light versions: ~snow as it was been made for koth_viaduct.
    - env_snow_light_128
    - env_snow_light_256
    - env_snow_light_512
    - env_snow_light_1024

    Lighter versions: ~lighter snowfall than the original snowfall included in koth_viaduct.
    - env_snow_lighter_128
    - env_snow_lighter_256
    - env_snow_lighter_512
    - env_snow_lighter_1024

    Very cheap versions: ~very light snowfall.
    - env_snow_cheap_128
    - env_snow_cheap_256
    - env_snow_cheap_512
    - env_snow_cheap_1024

    Dense versions: ~denser snowfall than the original snowfall included in viaduct. [Please be carefull with this!FRAMERATES!]
    - env_snow_dense_128
    - env_snow_dense_256
    - env_snow_dense_512
    - env_snow_dense_1024

    Dropbox mirror: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/642432/env_snow_custom_v1.rar

    Paste this .pcf file in your steam/steamapps/*yourusername*/team fortress 2/tf/particles folder.

    Have fun!


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