Texture Freyja's Egyptian Assets v1

Egyptian asset pack for Team Fortress 2

  1. Freyja

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    Freyja's Egyptian Assets - Egyptian asset pack for Team Fortress 2

    I made some new egyptian assets with the purpose of introducting more colour and less blandness into the egyptian theme.

    These are intended as a replacement for the existing egyptian assets, I don't think they will work well with the old ones.

    This also includes "egyptian-inspired spytech" textures, as seen in pl_oasis.

    Please use them in your map!! But if you do, please credit me, and if on the workshop, add me as a contributor. Don't do illegal things with them, if you're unsure just ask for permission.
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  2. FloofCollie

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    I absolutely love the painted style of these textures, reminds me of Windwaker and fits the TF style really well!
    Also some of the details, like the painted patterns on the pillars and the richly coloured tapestry are so inspired, I adore 'em
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    I've waited so long for this ever since you said "egypt theme needs to be Freyjaed oneday" or something along the line on discord.