forge b5a

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Beta 1 released.
*renamed the map to koth_forge
*'basic' detailing pass

*Changed the barely used upper area completely.
*Replaced some stairs with ramps.
*Improved lighting.
*Removed custom content (Map size 4mb > 2mb).
*Repositioned ap/hp pick ups once again.
*Other random changes.
*Added cover to the capture point (Need feedback on this)
*Rebuilt area with 2 sets of stairs into a ramp.
*Removed containers from 2 side buildings
*Moved/Changed hp/ap pickups.
*Rotated some stairs by 90 degrees, for better movement flow.
*Made it easier to jump out the side building with open window.
*Misc changes.
*Connected the barely used upper platform to the main route containing health/ammo pack
*Removed half-sized shipping containers.
*Hopefully fixed random black shadows from appearing.
*Should no longer be confused which roofs it is possible to jump on.
Post gameday update.

*Closed off the area underneath the point, blocking off majority of the sightlines.
*Clipped the two small side buildings next to the point.
*Moved and added ammo and health pickups.
*Removed the alligators.

Current health/ammo pickups:

- 2;
- 5;
- 6;
- 6;
*Updated localization files
Big thanks to @Psy for helping me with optimizing the map.

Other changes

*Railings are now solid
*Missing/Bugged out floor texture is no longer broken
*Updated Localization Files
*Nothing major, map "should" no longer be an fps disaster.
*Sniper fences are now solid.
Massive changes to the entire map!

*Updated the layout of the map.
No layout changes at this point yet!

* All stairs within the map are now clipped.
* Soundscape for your listening pleasures.
* Cubemaps?
* Added Capture area signage and boundary indicators.
* Changed the environmental lighting and skybox from upward -> gravelpit
* Minor texture adjustments.