forge b5a

Adjusted some things I forgot to in B5.
No major gameplay updates to the map at this point! Will run it in a few tests to see if any glaring issues arrise.

Most of the changes in b5 are more on the QoL side.

*Readjusted clipping in a lot of places, and added clipping where it was needed.
*A lot of cleanup of detailing, mostly involving texture z-fighting, textures not being rotated the correct way, or not being alligned properly.
*HP and AP now have unique coloured patches accross the map.
Version B4 has been released!

*Blocked off a hiding spot behind creates in middle.
*Removed railing in the middle, allowing to jump down from the point without taking fall damage. (Need testing data, might have caused a sight line issue)
*Replaced small health pack with medium under the point.
*Fixed texture clipping.
*Minor clipping update.

--Known issues--

*Smoke coming out of chimneys does not follow the same direction in some cases.
*Some prop fade distance issues.
*Misaligned textures in various locations.

I'm going through demos and feedback from the past 3 years at the moment, so depending on that, next update will be either rc1 or b5 depending if there's any glaring issues.
Reuploaded the map to the site
*Fixed buildings in middle not being symmetrical.
*Fixed a roof awning prop only being used on one side of the map.
*Fixed some gross texture lighting.
*Fixed being able to stand on a couple of roofs.
Map has been released to the workshop - Workshop Page.

Beta 3 changes.

*Changes to mid area.
*Improved clipping on the map.
Version b2m has been released.

*Majority of roofs are non-solid now.
*Left route building widened.
*Clipping improvement.
*Skybox height has been increased.
*Reduced clutter.
*Actually added a deer!
Version b2k has been released.

*Changed the left route layout.
*Changed the mid route layout.
*Widened stairs at mid.
*Added cow sounds.
*Hid a deer model.
*Misc changes.
Beta 2i version of this map has been released:

*Relocated health and ammo kits
*Made it easier to rollout from spawn.
*Increased the height of doors.
*Added a secret cool kid sign.
*Re-removed Deer!
*Redesigned the building next to the point a tad.
*Misc changes.
Beta 2 version of this map has been released:

*Map is now fully detailed.
*Changes to a couple of gameplay areas.
*Relocated some health/ammo pickups.
*Added proper soundscapes.
*Removed the traincar in the angled buildings.
*Removed Deer.
*Relocated Aly'gator.
*Misc changes.