forge b3a

Forge, a foundry style King of the Hill map.

  1. Reupload

    Reuploaded the map to the site
  2. b3a released

    *Fixed buildings in middle not being symmetrical.
    *Fixed a roof awning prop only being used on one side of the map.
    *Fixed some gross texture lighting.
    *Fixed being able to stand on a couple of roofs.
  3. Version b3 released.

    Map has been released to the workshop - Workshop Page.

    Beta 3 changes.

    *Changes to mid area.
    *Improved clipping on the map.
  4. Version b2m released.

    Version b2m has been released.

    *Majority of roofs are non-solid now.
    *Left route building widened.
    *Clipping improvement.
    *Skybox height has been increased.
    *Reduced clutter.
    *Actually added a deer!
  5. Version b2k released.

    Version b2k has been released.

    *Changed the left route layout.
    *Changed the mid route layout.
    *Widened stairs at mid.
    *Added cow sounds.
    *Hid a deer model.
    *Misc changes.
  6. Version b2i released.

    Beta 2i version of this map has been released:

    *Relocated health and ammo kits
    *Made it easier to rollout from spawn.
    *Increased the height of doors.
    *Added a secret cool kid sign.
    *Re-removed Deer!
    *Redesigned the building next to the point a tad.
    *Misc changes.
  7. Version b2 released.

    Beta 2 version of this map has been released:

    *Map is now fully detailed.
    *Changes to a couple of gameplay areas.
    *Relocated some health/ammo pickups.
    *Added proper soundscapes.
    *Removed the traincar in the angled buildings.
    *Removed Deer.
    *Relocated Aly'gator.
    *Misc changes....
  8. B1 released

    Beta 1 released.
    *renamed the map to koth_forge
    *'basic' detailing pass

    2016-01-16_00001.jpg 2016-01-16_00002.jpg 2016-01-16_00003.jpg 2016-01-16_00004.jpg 2016-01-16_00005.jpg 2016-01-16_00006.jpg
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  9. a8 released

    *Changed the barely used upper area completely.
    *Replaced some stairs with ramps.
    *Improved lighting.
    *Removed custom content (Map size 4mb > 2mb).
    *Repositioned ap/hp pick ups once again.
    *Other random changes.
  10. a7 released

    *Added cover to the capture point (Need feedback on this)
    *Rebuilt area with 2 sets of stairs into a ramp.
    *Removed containers from 2 side buildings
    *Moved/Changed hp/ap pickups.
    *Rotated some stairs by 90 degrees, for better movement flow.
    *Made it easier to jump out the side building with open window.
    *Misc changes.