Ballast A4B

An alpine railway-based koth map.

  1. Carange
    Ballast is a king the hill map designed, semi-seriously, around a large train running through the middle.
    I've been making this for the past couple months, but I've realized not to test with bots, so I've decided to come to you guys on TF2Maps.
    Map Details
    The train will come every 45 seconds, and travels through multiple non-accessible tunnels. There will be gates in future versions to prevent long sight-lines (you cannot shoot through the tunnels, however, so the sight-lines are merely cosmetic.)
    I'm new-ish to mapping so I just used some rain particles from sawmill.
    The blu spawn courtyard, it has the spawn above the train tunnel.
    The blu tower has a large window for snipers, it makes a good place for a nest.
    The center of the map, I thought I should mix it up a bit so the point is in a shack on a building, which is not in any koth map I know.
    Sniper decks are separated by two shipping containers.
    The view through the point into the large flank behind, as well as a dropdown which leads under the point.
    A view from the tower onto the tracks below.
    Level overview.

Recent Updates

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