Flare A1b

3-point A/D on a tropical island hiding a secret lair.

  1. Mâché
    Had a cool idea for an A/D with some dynamic elements, and then it exploded into this. The main gimmick of the map is a large hangar door near Point B that opens in two stages:

    Before any points are capped, there are two sets of gates, and Outer Gate and an Inner Gate. The Outer Gate is an opaque "no-entry" door that is completely solid, and the Inner Gate is a mesh gate that can be shot through, but not walked through.
    When A is capped, the Outer Gate opens, and when B is capped, the Inner Gate opens. There are also some forward spawn and minor dynamic door shenanigans that happen in the map as well, but the Gates are the most major element.

    Otherwise, it is a completely standard single-stage A/D.

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  1. poot teleport here
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  1. Mathtriqueur
    Version: A1b
    pretty good map so for an alpha. still not balanced but the scenery looks like late beta