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my first map, its not finished but I just wanted some opinions

  1. pi-ka
    Hi!, this is my first map EVER (and also version 1 of it) I couldn't help myself and wanted to upload this, if anyone finds a glitch, please report it, and if you've got tips, or criticism, please also tell me what you don't like about my map (I don't want people to behave like little children either). tips and/or tops are greatly appreciated!


    -water (for pyrosharking) this makes the sideroute to the advantage over the middle a little more dangerous.

    -a bridge to the middle (for people to get an advantage) I made a bridge to the middle point because that was the disign in my head and accidentally blocked the sniper-balcony from seeing the enemy spawn doors, which I see as a "happy little accident".

    -some custom decals (like the sign, BEWARE OF PYROSHARK made by Overpowered) and see if you can find the pootis heavy.

    -sniper balconies (similar to the ones on 2fort, but in a koth map)

    -uuuuhmmm, GROUND! (it has got ground)

    -2 health kits and 2 ammo spawns (I know, they are a bit scarce, but if you've got some tips for placement, feel free to tell me!).

    thats it, I hope you enjoy!

    (for the last time, keep in mind that this map is FAR from finished, changes may be made and you can have some influence on those changes)


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