come on and slam, and welcome to the JAM A1

My first jam entry ever, and my second map ever.

  1. pi-ka
    This is my first 72 hour entry, hope its at least decent...

    -2 side routes off the map for sticky/rocket jumpers, tested them myself! (even though I'm absolute sh*t at rocket jumping)

    -2 medium health kits, and 2 medium ammo kits.

    -1 middle tower inside a tower (towerception) used to jump down on the controll point, with 2 small health kits on top of the stairs.

    -close quarters battle (the entire map is pretty close-quarters, so heavies are at the point fast, scouts just as fast, and shotguns/bows are pretty powerful)

    -0 leaks

    -2 custom decals

    that's it!
    I don't know if I can update this further after the 72 hour jam is over? can I?