Extinction A8

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Updates include:
- Geysers now extinguish players
- The first area has more art pass added. Includes changes to help alleviate bottleneck corner after the first point
- Few clipping fixes
- Small changes around point C to enable better sentry placements but also allow blue to advance after C is capped
- Small changes to point D to enable better sentry placements. The back path now only one way for Red
Updates to A7 include
- Improved optimization throughout the map
- Back route from D to C removed
- Upper route from A to B slightly reworked
- Blue final forward spawn slightly reworked to help with confusion going the wrong direction
- Art pass started on A
- Small changes to D to allow for more space in tight areas
- Health and Ammo changed in a couple of places to improve gameplay
- Slight changes to geyser tech in areas
- Lighting env change
- Improved clipping in areas
Small update to fix:
- Stairs being cut off at the bottom of a room on D
- Spawn visualizer issue for Blue's forward spawns
- Other small issues
Version focused on fixing problems to C. Continued testing to finalize the last point. Updates to this version include:
- More room added to C going into the point. Sightlines removed by a new wall
- Two roll-back zones removed, +:15 after capping B
- New location for Blue forward spawn after capping C. Pictures included of this change
- New overhang favoring blue for capping
- More room added going into D
- Less up and down coming out of B going to C. Less height advantage for Red


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-A change: cart path ~20 units shorter path
-B changes: B slightly narrower
-C changes: Changes to C buildings to better enable blue advance
-D changes: Added more room to D in length, removed geysers, added a building in place with two routes vs one, rib cage that cart passes through
- Alterations to C to make it easier for B to attack
- Completely new D area, testing to see if this area works better than A3
- Fixes across the map from the last version
Few small updates to fix a cart bug:
- Cart now goes up ramp properly on final D
- Board moved from D final
- Fixed door trapping players on Blue spawn, when B is capped
Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and/or tested in the latest tests. Close to going into art pass/Beta after this version.

Updates to this version include:
- Sightlines reduced
- Geyser tech and timing have changed. Geyers are still random, but remain on for 3-4x longer and only remain off for a max of 15 seconds. One Geyers removed from D. Geysers no longer bounce/no lag issue. Improved clipping around geysers
- More health throughout C and D, slight changes to a few positions
- Changes to structures on C to enable better sentry placements, new rollback zone on C,
- New path added to get into D, new spawn room on D, overlook and more room to play, rollback zone length reduced by ~20%
- Cart length from B to C increased by ~200 units
- Cart length from C to D increased by ~200 units
- Spawn door issues fixed
- Reduced overall prop usage
-Fixed displacement issues/cleanup
- Blue first spawn length to point increased by 128 units
- Time added to the clock after capping A reduced by 30 seconds
- Time added to the clock after capping B reduced by 30 seconds
- Maximum clock time reduced by 30 seconds from 10 minutes to 9:30
- 2nd spawn door added to Blue's last forward spawn (this helped enable bot testing for the last point)
- Lots of love for everyone
The map has been updated after 7 years to a 4 pt pl map. Now includes most geyser and finished dino bone assets.

Thanks to Jukebox for the great work on the dinosaur bones and geyser prop assets. Thanks to Littleboots for the geyser particles.
Looking for feedback on gameplay at this point for all four stages. Thanks for the feedback.
A5 is finally out after months of work. The final/2nd stage was added which includes about 60% new content plus many updates to the first stage.

Updates to A5 below:
- 2nd/final stage added (two stages, 5 points total.) Map is now complete for layout outside of future testing.
- Geysers have been added (can affect gameplay/players.)
- Some structures updated on the 1st stage
- More optimization to first stage
- Cart track/movements smoothed out in some places
- Red building in the first area has been changed to the advantage of red. Front door for blue eliminated, platform added with access by geyser
- Gate on 1-2 (on elevated platform) added to open after 1-1 is capped to reduce confusion and players getting stuck on a dead end hallway

Currently testing for optimization of gameplay for both stages has begun and I'm hoping future fixes and updates will roll out on a more regular cadence moving forward.

I'm excited about this version as it is finally the full release as initially intended and we will finally see some of the geysers in action throughout he map. These geysers will be optimized (possibility more) over time as we see how these affect gameplay. Additionally, Boots is at work adding two more geyser sizes and Jukebox has completed many of the main dino-bones that are currently being held as placeholders by brushes in A5 and previous versions. I expect they will be included in near future updates.

Let me know of any feedback so that I can include fixes it in future versions. Thanks.