Escalation Stage 2

Multi Stage Escalation Stage 2 A9

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  • Added a flank route
  • Made some small sightline changes on mid
  • Moved the capture point to experiment if it makes the track feel less long
  • Changed the respawn times during overtime to 6 seconds to pick the pace up
  • Removed instant respawner near last
  • Changed spawntimes to 8 seconds
  • Added a different overtime mode for testing instead of the carts rolling forward (carts have 2x speed on timer end)
  • Shorted the main route leading into last by 128-256 units
  • Minor clipping adjustments
  • Added nobuilds to the bushes
  • Reworked the spawns in the last area
  • Added some clipping to the rocks near last
  • Removed the doors that lead into last
  • Removed a massive sightline
  • Increased the time between trains slightly
  • Reworked the entire last areas
  • Fixed the lights
  • Changed the speed of the trains
  • Increased how many times trains will be encountered on the map
  • Added respawn visualisers (oops, thanks to Crash for spotting that by accident)
  • Fixed a logic issue that caused the blue cart to roll forward by itself
  • Added some little bits of cover
  • Added nobuilds to some sneaky areas
  • Removed some windows for optimisation
  • Changed a flank route to give defenders more of a chance, plus narrowing down the gameplay space
  • Door to last had its speed reduced
  • Added a light to that same door
  • Fixed a missing pack from one side
  • Fixed some clipping near the spawns
  • Added changing spawntimes