Epitaph A3.1

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Epitaph A3.1

Attempt at the Mayann update I suppose

Just something quick I made trying my hand at the Mayann theme. Really barebones right now. Wanna make sure I dont have to gut any areas before I go any further. (Also my first time posting here. Hello!) Really any feedback is appreciated even if it's something you can see from the screen shots.
20160423163804_1.jpg 20160423164134_1.jpg 20160423164147_1.jpg 20160423164202_1.jpg 20160423164228_1.jpg 20160423164255_1.jpg 20160423164333_1.jpg 20160423164356_1.jpg
Killer Monkey
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Mayan Content

    Just experimenting with the actual Mayan content pack. Hopefully I packed it all correctly
  2. Fixed lighting V.2: Please upload properly Edition

    -Added light_environment
  3. The "fixing timing's" Update

    -Moved spawns up to not have awful timings -added new flanking routes so the map isnt as linear -other minor changes like optimizations that I'm probably forgetting