Enpom A7

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Enpom A7

King of the Hill map without a tree

My millionth koth map that I have made.
During the process of making this, I have done my best to take into consideration mistakes that I have previously made, such as scaling, and creating some height variation to keep things interesting. Feedback is much appreciated.
Dan On Yernan
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. bsp

    ffs i uploaded the vmf
  2. A7

    As a wise man once said: you can't rush art. And thus, here I am, over five months later, finally pushing another update for this godforsaken map This update changes the left route to the main point, merging it with the centre route, and changing...
  3. A6

    - vents arent cool? somehow i had gotten it into my head that all vents in tf2 are crouch size, resized them - vents also no longer have direct view onto the point - attempted to decramp the main point - replaced the healthkits to force...