Enpom A7

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ffs i uploaded the vmf
As a wise man once said: you can't rush art.
And thus, here I am, over five months later, finally pushing another update for this godforsaken map
This update changes the left route to the main point, merging it with the centre route, and changing the left building to be more advantageous. I also lowered the point. Most of the changes in this update was an attempt to make the point easier to attack and harder to defend, so I'm expecting it to be too hard to defend, so if that does happen im counting it as a complete win.
make your bets about whats going to happen first, another update or the end of lockdown, and in the meantime, stay safe
- vents arent cool? somehow i had gotten it into my head that all vents in tf2 are crouch size, resized them
- vents also no longer have direct view onto the point
- attempted to decramp the main point
- replaced the healthkits to force retreats off the point, and assist attackers
- rebalanced the roof, can only access from the side, and much more susceptible to splash damage
- redid the side house by the vent and the roof
- can no longer go under the point
version a) raised the point to make it slightly more interesting, as well as changing the route onto the top of the hut overlooking the point. also changed one of the spawnroom exits to be further away from the other, to prevent spawncamping

i wasn't satisfied with version a, and so a few minutes before i was going to submit it i decided to do some more tweaks, and set the version tag to "a5b" to make myself feel better

version b) fixed the weird moody looking lighting (i hope) and fixed some odd geometry throughout the map. added a cool vent to make the side building next to the point more useful

after doing this version, i had a look back at the previous versions of this map and realised how much had changed, its essentially a new map. i take such long breaks between each version that i tend to lose sight of what direction the maps going, so tell me if im going full circle and making the same mistakes that were being made in the first couple of versions of this map

also happy holidays
I effectively remade the map, only one small corridor of the map has survived. I attempted to address the problems that occured in the previous version, but only testing will find that out.
  • Moved the spawn further back
  • Thinned the width of the map, reducing flank routes and discouraging spawn camping
  • Shifted up health packs away from the cp
  • Lighting improvements
  • Mixed up arrows
Balance changes:
  • Removed tree on point
  • Widened the point itself
  • Opened up the area around the point by retreating one of the walls
  • Centred the spawn to make both routes to the point more viable
  • Widened the cover around the point
Other changes:
  • Changed light_environment settings
  • Changed the texture of the floors
  • Adjusted heights of walls at the edges of the map to make it more obvious to the player where you can/cannot go
  • Removed holes in clipping