Drop A3

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Drop A3

A payload map where the blu team start by dropping down from a zepplin

-I'm very sorry for the horrendous lighting, I'm not great at it so I plan to leave it to a later alpha or beta build -
This is a payload map that uses the frontline map pack. The cart goes through a docking area, where there are multiple hazards, including falling into water, getting crushed and of course the red team. If successful, the blu team will blow up a red submarine.View attachment 87794 View attachment 87795 View attachment 87796 View attachment 87797 View attachment 87798
Dan On Yernan
First release
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Latest updates

  1. now a bsp

    i uploaded a nav file woops
  2. Balancing and stuff

    yayz a3 General: Optimisation Gameplay: Fixed some map-breaking sight lines Remade most stuff after third cap Might change it again if gameplay doesn't work Two (now reenter-able) exits and resupply lockers in red second spawn
  3. A2 release

    woop a2 out finally, an actual update to a map ik amazing Notes: General: Name change (dropdown -> drop) apologies to the person who already took that name Cart now falls from zeppelin Blue drop spawn floor is now grated, so you can see through...