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Emerge, pt. 2 b3

Fr0z3nR's PL map, thawed and revived

  1. pl_emerge_b3

    * fixed some dodgy lighting

    Point B:
    * lowered BLU team's respawn time by 1 second after capturing B
    * fixed a railing that was solid

    Point C:
    * fixed the metal barrier having no collision (no idea how I missed that lol)
  2. pl_emerge_b2

    * included a snow overlay (snowverlay) from the Frontline pack to make the snow more flush with the ground
    * fixed a couple handrails having no clipping
    * fixed some misplaced props/brushes/textures
    * manually clipped some props that have really bad collision meshes
    * fixed dodgy lighting on some props
    * other general clipping improvements
    * small detail changes

    BLU Forward Spawn 1:
    * modified detailing to be more BLU-oriented
    * fixed spawndoors closing if someone is standing in...
  3. pl_emerge_b1

    * full artpass whee
    * changed environment lighting and skybox to something more fitting
    * increased both teams' overall spawntimes by 1 second

    BLU Spawn:
    * reduced the size of the wall between the spawn points and the exits to make it easier to exit spawn

    BLU Forward Spawn #1:
    * added a second resupply locker

    Point B:
    * adjusted clipping on the metal pipe going over the point - people can once again stand on it, plus the supports are now clipped better

    Point C:
    * added a full...
  4. pl_emerge_a18


    * increased RED's initial spawn time from 6s to 7s
    * improved clipping
    * added a couple signs since one or two people still tend to get a little confused where to go at times
    * added some areaportals to hopefully improve framerates

    BLU Spawn:
    * started basic artpass

    Point A:
    * pushed the doorway at the bottom of the ramp forward to make it less spammable
    * also made said doorway wider
    * added health and ammo to the long flank route

    Point B:
    * expanded the cart...
  5. pl_emerge_a17

    * reduced starting map time from 4m 30s to 3m
    * reduced max round time from 10m to 6m
    * adjusted spawn times to give RED a bit more of an advantage
    * added some more signs around the place

    Point A:
    * fixed players being able to block the cart from under the bridge

    Point B:
    * remade BLU's second forward spawn
    * made another route bypassing the Corridor of Death

    Point C:
    * added a health and ammo kit for defenders
    * put some more railings around the deathpit at C to (hopefully)...
  6. pl_emerge_a16

    * I had a changelog for this but I don't know where it's gone

    * all I can remember is that I deleted and remade RED spawn again, and lowered RED's respawn times from 10s to 8s when the first point is captured, and then to 7s when the second is captured
  7. pl_emerge_a15

    * improved clipping, optimisation and lighting
    * some misc detailing changes
    * aligned all the misaligned func_respawnroomvisualiser entities

    BLU spawnyard:
    * made BLU spawn a little less tight

    Point A:
    * increased RED's respawn time from 9s to 10s
    * improved clipping on the bucket elevator by the upper building
    * the doors that close off the upper building are now rotating doors rather than shutter doors, cos I figured that'd make more sense

    Point B:
    * blocked off the...
  8. pl_emerge_a14

    * reverted changes back to a9 because everything I did after that was garbage

    * remade last again

    * also accidentally skipped a13 and didn't notice until after I'd compiled and packed and compressed and anyway 13 ooOOOooooOOoo
  9. pl_emerge_a12


    * completely remade blue spawn and starting area

    * also remade finale

    * gave red a forward spawn that disables after A is capped

    * lowered setup time from 70s to 60s

  10. pl_emerge_a11


    * shortened the path at the start a little and moved the first checkpoint to the top of the slope

    * big-ass dropdown closes off after the first point is capped

    * moved second checkpoint forward so it's in front of the hut instead if in it

    * red's shortcut to second is closed after the second point is capped

    * added a teleport to the first forward spawn when it's disabled

    * removed all rollbacks

    * other misc stuff
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