DuskTown A11

My first proper map for TF2

  1. Version A11

    -Blocked some sightlines.
    -Changed lamps colors.
    -Made the med kit pit room bigger.
    -Added signs to direct the player.
    -Slightly changed the position of the sun.
  2. Version A10

    -Added a custom dusk skybox, to represent more the map's name.
    -Increased the ceiling of the medpack room, and extended the wall back and added a mini wall.
    -Made the height variation of the medpack room taller.
    -Added textures for some floors.


    1. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    2. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    3. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    4. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    5. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    6. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
    7. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.05.02 -
  3. Version A9

    -Since its now easier to recap, the timer is 3 minutes now.
    -Removed shadows for some lamps.
    -Some pretty light glows and textured stuff.
  4. Version A8

    -Removed two healthpacks from middle.
    -Changed two medium healthpacks from middle to a small one.
    -Added more health to the courtyards for both teams.
    -Added a broken windown on the Capture point entrace's wall.

    Hopefully its easier to attack.
  5. Version A7

    - Added few more ammo packs, for the spies.
    - Detailed the one way drop to be like an elevator.
    - Added missing patches for a few pickups
  6. A6 Version

    -Changed the Crate Parkour to a Death pit.
    -Finally changed the two small health packs to a medium one.
    -Added a one way drop on the one way door.
    -Lowered the capture point's second floor, so people don't take fall damage.
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  7. A5 Version

    -Added small health packs behind the capture point on both sides.
    -Added medium ammo pack to the bottom map path on both sides.
    -Removed the "Pyro Hole route" (maybe it comes back)
    -Added one way doors on the flank route.
  8. Version A4 out

    -Added some details with reflective textures.
    -Safe teleporter spots for both sides on mid.
    -Clipped some stairs sideways.
    -Added a diagonal wall to fill useless space in the middle.
    -Fixed a exploit that I forgot to fix and wasn't found on playtest.
    -Lights are brighter.
    -The extended stairs on mid now has a second underpassage.
    -Patches for pickups.
    -Extra ammo added on mid.


    1. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.02.12 -
    2. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.02.12 -
    3. Team Fortress 2 Screenshot 2021.02.12 -
  9. Big Changes

    A3a Changes:

    -More lights around the map.
    -Spawn's courtyard are less thin.
    A3b Changes:
    (These are massive changes that i can easily swich to A3a incase they don't work)
    -Extended the stairs to the wall of top mid, so mid is kinda less open.
    -Added planks connecting bottom mid to capture point second floor.


    1. 20210211171935_1.jpg
    2. 20210211171941_1.jpg
    3. 20210211172012_1.jpg
  10. Major Changes on the Map

    -The long flank route, now has a small building with a med pack that players can battle for it.
    -Capture point is slighty bigger.
    -Capture time changed to 3 minutes, and 30 seconds to unlock. (May return to 5 minutes, to experiments).
    -More Height Variation
    -Complety Redone the spawns and courtyards
    -Map is less wide (I Guess?) (
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ7lKPSUc2g


    1. 20210205184011_1.jpg
    2. 20210205184011_1.jpg