dr_pathway a4

A basic yet enjoyable journey.

  1. New Trap

    - Added a 5th trap

    I believe I packed the model correctly, but let me know if I did not.
  2. Added 50/50 doors and an easteregg

    - Added a set of 50/50 doors
    - Added a special RED spawn that provides access to the small player potion
    - Added an easteregg allows you to bypass a certain trap that many people despise
  3. a2 Update

    - Added a trap (That was painfully difficult for me to create)
    - Added lighting (No more full-bright!)
    - Attempted to create cubemaps (Not sure if I was successful or not)
    - Began using "a#" for versions instead of "v#"
  4. Packed custom textures and fixed leaks

    Custom textures are now properly downloaded. All leaks have been fixed too.