dr_pathway a13

A basic yet enjoyable journey.

  1. Final Alpha Version

    All traps have been completed, and the map is finished gameplay wise. Future updates will focus on making the map look more appealing, as well as fixing any bugs found by players.
  2. Map Format Completed

    I have completed the map's layout and have four endings planned. As of now only instant win works, but the rest will be accessable once I finish the content associated with it. The fourth door's label is blank as at the time I was unsure as to what the minigame would be. In the next version, I will have one of, if not all minigames completed.

    In addition, there are two more traps added, both being requested by players in the server I play on.
  3. Map Now Completable

    I have finished the map in terms of traps. There are a total of 12 traps and upon reaching the end, RED wins. I plan on adding more endings as well as making the map both better looking and smaller in file size, but as of now, it should be safe to use on servers.

    As usual, feedback is appreciated, thanks!
  4. 100% WORKING

    It works now, it does. Please. I'm never using custom models ever again.
  5. Uploaded the wrong file, good job me.

    I'm 99.9% sure this is completely working.
  6. Model Fixes

    Hopefully everything is now correctly packed...
  7. Two new rooms, one featuring a slide of obstacles and the other featuring two new traps

    - Two new traps
    - Slide course, get through without touching the deadly obstacles

    Please let me know if there are any issues or errors. I had some trouble with packing the Myers model, but I believe everything is correct now.

    Special thanks to Chillax and Rorek for letting me use their port of Michael Myers from Dead by Daylight.
  8. New Trap

    - Added a 5th trap

    I believe I packed the model correctly, but let me know if I did not.
  9. Added 50/50 doors and an easteregg

    - Added a set of 50/50 doors
    - Added a special RED spawn that provides access to the small player potion
    - Added an easteregg allows you to bypass a certain trap that many people despise
  10. a2 Update

    - Added a trap (That was painfully difficult for me to create)
    - Added lighting (No more full-bright!)
    - Attempted to create cubemaps (Not sure if I was successful or not)
    - Began using "a#" for versions instead of "v#"