dr_pathway a13

A basic yet enjoyable journey.

  1. AgentApple50

    This is my first map, and my first post on this website ever. With that being said, don't expect to see any ground-breaking stuff like full on animations and such. However, I am working to improve and will update the entire map as I continue to learn new techniques.

    What I currently have to far
    Current Version: a13

    - An AFK killer for RED team
    - A motivator, featuring the Patriarch from Killing Floor
    - A slow door to slow down the REDs in order to let the BLU get in position
    - 31 different spawn points for RED and 1 spawn point for BLU
    - 20 traps
    - Two small parkour sections
    - One set of 50/50 doors
    - A trap range indicator for RED and BLU to use
    - Two speed platforms the BLU can use to travel the map faster
    - A freerun button that disables all traps, 50/50 doors, and instant win
    - 4 endings: Instant win, 50/50, Spinner, and Parkour
    - All REDs respawn if Spinner or Parkour is chosen

    Traps & Obstacles
    1. A sign on the wall comes out and smashes REDS on the wall adjacent to it, instantly killing them.
    2. Three cows that explode while saying their last words. (Moo)
    3. A BLU heavy that lethal taunts you with his finger guns.
    4. A small jumping segment, where failing results in death and the engineer saying "nope".
    5. A trap featuring Bearded Expense and his theme song.
    6. 50/50 doors chosen at random at the start of each round.
    7. A trap featuring a spooky alien that Woody points out to Buzz.
    8. A hallway in which you need to dodge obstacles as you are pushed towards the end.
    9. Some visitors from Ram Ranch.
    10. Michael Myers giving you the stabby stab.
    11. Hat Kid giving you a deadly greeting.
    12. Obama turning into his final form.
    13. Merasmus creating a group of oversized ducks.
    14. Shaggy and/or Scooby being spooked by a ghost.
    15. Hat Kid smug dancing at your death.
    16. Richardo Milos watching you dance till your death.
    17. A large container of cottage cheese crushing you, while a text to speech voice mocks your death.
    18. A Psycho from Borderlands 2 planting you in the ground to see if you grow taller.
    19. YEET
    20. Three Fleshpounds running you over.
    21. Gorefield paying the unlucky RED(s) a visit.
    22. A Donkey Kong barrel shaking around, which is empty upon being destroyed.
    23. Thanos snapping with the Infinity Gauntlet, and the RED(s) have a 50% chance of surviving depending on which side of the trap they stand on.

    Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, thank you for reading!


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